How Do You Know If She’s In Love With You

Many men have asked this same question. They say that women can be very difficult to read, but it is really not that hard. I suppose it is not a guarantee, but here are some questions that will give you a good indication of whether or not she’s in love with you.

FIRST: Does she show an interest in everything about your life? If she wants to know about your family, your work, your friends, your hobbies, etc., it is a pretty good indication that she is in love with you. If she didn’t care about those things then you would have something to worry about.

SECOND: Does she call you for no real reason? She just wants to know what you are doing, how you’re feeling, or maybe what is going on at work. That is really just a reason to call you. She obviously has you on her mind.

THIRD: Does she spend as much time as she possibly can with you? She may call her friend or her sister and tell them she is sorry but you called so she has to cancel her plans with them. After all, you are the most important person for her to be with.

FOURTH: Does she tell you her most intimate secrets, the ones she doesn’t tell anybody else? If she will tell you things that she’s never told anybody else then you are obviously the one person that she feels she can trust with those secrets.

FIFTH: Does she put her heart and soul in to buying things for you, not caring how much it costs? If she is buying you things from her heart and it doesn’t matter to her if it costs her $500, then you obviously mean more to her than any money she may spend.

SIXTH: Does she always tell you the truth? Sometimes, telling the person you love the truth can be a very hard thing. If she is telling you the truth no matter what, then she obviously cares enough to want you to know everything. Isn’t that better than having her not be completely honest with you?

SEVENTH: Does she let you answer her phone? If she will let you answer her phone, then she doesn’t care who is calling. She is probably proud to have you answer it for her. Then when her friends or family ask who it was, she can say, “It was that wonderful new man in my life.”

EIGHTH: Does she do the things that you want to do, even though you know it’s not something she would normally want to do? She does what you want because she wants to make you happy. It really isn’t important to her whether or not she likes it as long as you do. She would rather be with you, doing something that’s not so fun to her, than to be someplace else without you.

NINTH: Does she let you watch what you want on TV? She may hate sports, or all those remodeling shows, but that’s ok. She’d rather sit and watch you instead of the TV anyway. She can always record the shows she likes and watch them when you’re not there.

TENTH: Does she laugh at your jokes even though you’ve told them a ten times and they’re not really that funny? She certainly wouldn’t want to hurt the feelings of the man she loves by saying something about not wanting to hear that stupid joke again. If she laughs every time it will make you feel good.

ELEVENTH: Has she introduced you to her friends and family? If she didn’t care a lot about you then she wouldn’t want her friends and family to meet you. She is proud of you and she wants everybody to see how wonderful you are. She knows they will all love you, how could they not?

TWELTH: Does she keep your secrets? If she loves you then she wouldn’t want to let everybody in on your secrets. That is between you and her and whoever else you may have told.

THIRTEENTH: Does she forgive you when you’re falling down drunk? Any woman who can forgive her man when he has been falling down drunk and she has to help him up the stairs has got to love him.

FORTEENTH: Does she come get you in the middle of the night or talk to you on the phone for hours because you’re drunk? If she will stay up in the middle of the night for you when you’ve been drinking with your friends then you must mean an awful lot to her.

FIFTEENTH: Does she miss you if she hasn’t seen you for a day or two? She’ll probably be calling you several times a day just to say that she misses you and that she is looking forward to seeing you.

SIXTEENTH: Does she wear the clothes that you bought for her just because you bought them? She may hate that shirt you bought her for her birthday but it doesn’t really matter. You bought that shirt and she will wear it proudly. She’ll even brag about how it’s the nicest shirt she’s ever had and she’ll wear it as much as possible.

SEVENTEENTH: Has she asked your mother for your favorite dish? They always say that the way to a mans heart is through his stomach. She will definitely want to cook for you. Your favorite dish is one of the best things she can cook for you because that way she knows for sure that it is something that you like.

EIGHTEENTH: Does she do special things for you? She may rub or scratch your back, get your slippers for you, help you find something nice to wear, or just do other little things for you just so you can relax. That’s because she wants you to feel special. She wants you to know that she thinks you’re special.

NINTEENTH: Does she take care of you when you’re sick? If she will clean up after you when you’ve gotten sick, then she definitely cares about you. She will go to the store and get you your Tylenol or whatever other medicines you need.

TWENTIETH: Does she forget about the little insults that you accidentally blurted out? Men have a tendency to say things without thinking first. It can really hurt a womans feelings but she will forgive you if she loves you. She knows how men are. She knows that you didn’t really mean anything by it.

TWENTY FIRST: Does she show interest in everything that you say? If she loves you then she will listen to everything you say and show interest. There may be times when it really isn’t interesting to her but it doesn’t really matter. What matters is you are talking to her and telling things that you think are interesting or important.

TWENTY SECOND: Does she keep all the cards and letter that you give her? I’ll bet she’s got a little box in bedroom with every card or letter you ever gave her. I’ll also bet she’ll never throw those things out. They are some of her most prized possessions.

TWENTY THIRD: Did she leave the man she was with to be with you? If she left the man she was with just to be with you then it is a pretty good indication that she’s crazy about you.

TWENTY FOURTH: Has she said I LOVE YOU? A woman will usually not tell you that she loves you if she doesn’t. A woman does not take that lightly. This is obviously the best way to know that she loves you.

Just because some of these things are true, doesn’t necessarily mean that she’s in love with you, but if you see several of these, you can bet that she is in love with you. You really should be able to tell if she is in love with you but if you have any questions, you can always refer back to this article.