Your Cue to Approach a Girl at Singles Bar

There are many singles bars popping up in many places these days. In a regular life situation, it might be difficult to meet someone interesting. Most of the time we are so tied up with our work, we hardly find any time to socialize. Even if we find some time to socialize, some of us might feel shy or awkward to approach a person who is sitting at the other end of the bar chatting with another friend or chilling out with a group of friends. There are many things that can bother us when we have to approach another person. Most often we worry if the other person would be interested in talking to us or what if the person would turn out to be as we expected or not.

So the first question is how do you know if a girl would be interested in talking to a you or not when your eyes are set on a particular girl in the singles bar. If you are a good observer, you might get several hints that whether this person would be interested to talk to a new person or not. Usually a girl who is already in a relation does not even bother to look around to make eye contacts with strangers unless she is a flirt or is looking around for someone in particular. You will come to know when a girl is looking around to find potential mates. She will be trying to make intense eye contact with other single men in the room. It is going to be easier for you to know if a woman is interested in you when you observe a woman making intense eye contact with you. She might make this eye contact more than once. In this case you can be sure, she is interested in you and wants you to take the initiative to approach her.

A girl knows very well that if she does not give a proper indication to show that she is interested in you, you might never approach her. Hence observe if the girl who made eye contact with you will give you a subtle smile along with it. If she gives a smile, then you can be at least 80% sure that she is interested in you and wants you to approach her. Do not miss this chance.


If you observe her talking to many other guys from a distance, it only indicates that she is open for a conversation. You can approach her confidently and strike a conversation and know all about her. You will know if she is open for meeting a total stranger when you observe her looking longingly at her other girlfriends who are mingling with other men. This is a good cue for you to approach her.

Body language is the best give away to know if she is interested in you or not. Most of the time, you can make out in the facial expression whether the person is interested in talking to you or not, but some women are polite enough to talk to you if you approach them even if they are not interested in you. At such a time their body language can indicate whether they are interested in you or not. Once you have dared to approach her and get to talk to her, if you observe her twirling her hair playful, subtly tries to touch your arms or legs, it indicates that she is interested in you. If she has crossed her arms or is standing back, then probably she is not interested in you that much.

There are many singles bar in Sydney. Singles bar here sees a lot of singles each day. It takes a little bit of observation and a lot of confidence and you can find that interesting person in your life.